"One of those rare books that will teach you something even as it keeps you entertained."

"Rodney Muterspaw was, for decades, a pillar of the community in Middletown - rising from junior officer on the Middletown Police force to Chief during the height of the opioid epidemic. And for that entire time, he kept this incredible diary, chronicling the highs and lows and hilarious moments of community policing. In these pages, you gain an appreciation for him, the man. But you also acquire a raw, unfiltered look at modern policing. Well written, timely, and engaging, this is one of those rare books that will teach you something even as it keeps you entertained." - JD Vance, Author of the New York Times Best Seller and Netflix Blockbuster, Hillbilly Elegy

JD Vance

"The reality of rust belt America seen by a steel town police chief

who for decades suited up to face the strengths and weaknesses of the city known as home to Hillbilly Elegy. A discerning, compassionate man, a good writer, portrays life witnessed through the eyes of the Blue." - Van Gordon Sauter, Former President, CBS News

Van Gordon Sauter

"A view of policing that is unlike anything I have ever read before.

Beyond the good, bad and the ugly, Muterspaw has tracked his career in a raw and unvarnished way that will make you laugh and cry. While his self-deprecating sense of humor is the driving force of the book, he uses it to highlight real problems and real solutions within the increasingly complex world of policing" - Stephen Robert Morse, Emmy nominated Producer of NETFLIX'S AMANDA KNOX

Stephen Robert Morse


Incredible! I grew up in the same streets as Rodney Muterspaw, but many years before he did. His vivid writing and perceptive story-telling helps me to see its changes - its tragedies and its triumphs - through the world of its police. Part police drama, part social study, the Chief offers valuable insights into what works and what doesn't for the cops in an economically struggling rust belt town and for those who they are assigned to serve and protect." - Clarence Page, Pulitzer Prize-winning (1989) syndicated columnist for the Chicago Tribune

Clarence Page

"An incredibly candid look behind the law enforcement curtain.

The Blue View gives a truly gripping, authentic, and honest look at the real life of a police officer. Amazingly well done!" - Adam Clements, Cincinnati WKRC News Anchor

Adam Clements

"Jaw dropping!

A truly honest look into a police officer's personal world. Rewarding, heartbreaking, comical and inspiring! I laughed, I cried, and I loved it! A must read!" - Karin Johnson, WLWT Cincinnati News

Karin Johnson

"Incredibly raw, and shockingly real!

Muterspaw explores the trials and tribulations of being a cop in the heartland. With an open and honest viewpoint, he holds nothing back. From his unique perspective he highlights the good, the bad, and the ugly of policing, while sprinkling in enough humor to keep the mood light. This is a must read for someone who wants to better understand what life is like on the other side of the badge in our increasingly polarized society." - J.W. Cox, Award winning writer/director, Average Joe Films

J.W. Cox

"It gave me all the feels!"

"I had the honor of previewing this book. A MUST READ. It made me smile, cry, gasp, better understand... it gave me all the feels!" - Megan Reed, Ohio Education Specialist

Megan Reed

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