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Never written to be released to the public, this easy to read format are the actual unfiltered personal journals of Chief Rodney Muterspaw, an award-winning Ohio Police Chief and Congressional guest at the Presidential State of the Union. You will feel the gamut of emotions as you follow him as a rookie, a patrol officer, investigator, narcotics officer, parent, internal affairs supervisor and a Chief of Police, in one of the most well-known smaller cities in the Midwest.

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Incredible! I grew up in the same streets as Rodney Muterspaw, but many years before he did. His vivid writing and perceptive story-telling helps me to see its changes - its tragedies and its triumphs - through the world of its police. Part police drama, part social study, the Chief offers valuable insights into what works and what doesn't for the cops in an economically struggling rust belt town and for those who they are assigned to serve and protect." - Clarence Page, Pulitzer Prize-winning (1989) syndicated columnist for the Chicago Tribune.

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An Emotional Must Read

The Blue View will draw you in emotionally, as you will finally have access to the behind the scenes thoughts and experiences that most police officers will not talk about. It doesn't matter what side you are on, it is a must read. It will change the way you think about law enforcement.

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